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LEXUS Takes Up The Challenge To Roll A Giant Ball, Slalom Racing And More

The new commercial has made a sports meet as its theme, and will display the IS200t's special features.

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Kaiyodo's Region-Limited Figure, “LuckyDrop" Will be Released In February

JR East Japan Railway Company is going to release "LuckyDrop", an original capsule figure toy.

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"DOA Xtreme 3” A Game Of Dudes' Dream

You can now freely enjoy taking pictures with "Gravure Paradise" and the touch function that will only be available for the PS Vita version.

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Washington Hotel Introduced The New Service Of “Puzzle Game Event”

WHG expands Washington Hotel and Hotel Gracery in 30 places all around Japan and creates various concept rooms.

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Fukuoka Panda Taxi Will Start New Service To Support The Zoo

BLUE ZOO, which is run by Fukuoka's affordable "Panda Taxi", is celebrating its 10th year anniversary.

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New Game PV Of Attack On Titan Has Been Released!

Koei Tecmo Games has released the 3rd promotional video of "Shinjeki no Kyojin" for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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"BIGLOBE NINJA SIM" For Visitors to Japan

"BIGLOBE NINJA SIM" is a sim card exclusively for private data communication geared towards foreigners visiting Japan.

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"CineKara": Where You Can Watch Films Using Karaoke

Warner Entertainment Japan with Valic will launch in earnest the world's first private cinema "CineKara."

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An Exhibit Of "Saint Seiya": Life-Sized Gold Saints

The Complete Works of Saint Seiya" is a planned exhibit to be held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of "Saint Seiya"

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Recommended New Otome Games To Be On Sale This Spring!

The 24th edition of "Adult Otome Game Road" will be released.

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