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4 Differences: Tokyo Disneyland VS California Disneyland Park☆

Many people know and love Disneyland! Disneyland was built in California for the first time. After 28 years passed, Tokyo Disneyland in Japan opened. The origin of Disneyland is America, but Tokyo Disneyland has many unique things! Here, are four big differences between Tokyo Disneyland and California Disneyland. This article does not mention Tokyo DisneySea and California Adventure Park.

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Freaking Cool "Shin-Furo"! Synchronized Swimming in Hot Springs

Oita Prefecture sponsored this recently popular video in Japan. Japan is famous for hot springs, and this video was made to promote this "onsen" use. You'll definitely want to try out hot springs in Japan, too!

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High-Quality Hamburger Restaurants in Tokyo!

Many people like hamburgers; hamburgers are famous as American food. However, delicious and high quality hamburger shops exist in Japan too! Here, I introduce three of Tokyo's best hamburger restaurants. If you miss hamburgers, you should try them!

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3 Shopping Malls In Tokyo You Have To Visit

One of the purposes of traveling is shopping. If you come to Japan, you should definitely look for the perfect souvenir! Some shopping centers even offer Duty-Free shopping. Here are four interesting shopping centers in Tokyo that you should visit. Also, if you miss your country's foods, you can eat them in these shopping centers!

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3 Behaviors Of Foreign Men Japanese Girls Think Are Romantic

Many Japanese girls think that foreign guys, especially westerners, are so romantic. There are three main reasons why they think this. Learn how you can get close to and date Japanese girls!

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Popular Japanese Artists In Foreign Countries

There are so many musicians in Japan. Do you know any Japanese artist? Here, I introduce two artists whom you will enjoy or like. These two artists is more known in foreign than in Japan. Check it out!

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3 Unique And Convenient Japanese Foods For Souvenir

Don't miss good Japanese souvenir! You guys probably know some Japanese snacks, but do you know other Japanese foods which is good for souvenir? There are not only sweets but also so many good foods for souvenirs you should try! Here, I recommend three souvenirs. Your family, boyfriend or girlfriend, or friends should be glad! Of course, you can buy them for yourself:)

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Chopsticks manners&taboos; you can be a Chopstick Master!

Have you ever used chopsticks? Yeah, probably many people have this experience. However, do you have a confident that you use them right way? Here, 9 basic manners and taboos to use chopsticks in Japan. If you read this article, maybe you can be a chopstick master!? Check it out!

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