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10 Ridiculously Large Japanese Ramen You Can't Believe People Actually Eat Them Up

Here are 10 ridiculously large Japanese ramen (noodle)!!! Japanese love them and eat them up. But you can not believe people actually eat ALL by his/herself. It's too much... Japanese call them "Jiro inspired ramen".

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What Is Wasabi? Don't Use It Too Much The Japanese-Made Too Cool Spice

When you hear "Wasabi", what do you imagine? If you hit on Jean Reno, you must be a movie-lover. WASABI is a French movie in 2001, where Hubert Fiorentini, which is played by Jean Reno, struggles to defend a girl. And what Hubert loves is wasabi, the Japanese-made spice. I meant the latter this time.

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How to Opt for Suitable "Sake" for Yourself. The First Step for "Sake-Beginners"

What is the most popular "Japanese" drink? Maybe, many people will answer, "Green tea" or "Matcha". However, if you love liquor, you will answer "Sake". Sake is Japanese-indigenous liquor. You want to know how to choose right one? Okay, let's learn.

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Sumimasen Is One of the Most Meaningful Word of Japanese - Interesting Fact about Japan

Many learners of Japanese language say that Japanese people use too many ambiguous expressions everyday, which make Japanese phrases elusive for them. Especially, "Sumimasen" has many meanings depending on the situation, and it is indispensable if you visit Japan. If you master the usage of "Sumimasen", every Japanese person will regard you as a nice Japanese learner. Interested? Let's move on.

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Incredible Japanese Toilet Will Change Your Life!

Many people visit Japan everyday, and what do you guess they are surprised at? The Japanese food? Yes. The culture? Maybe. Actually, what surprises many tourists from overseas are in an ordinary house of Japan. The toilet. Actually, Japanese toilets are so high-tech. But what's high-tech toilet? Let's dig into it.

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Is Sushi Healthy? Sushi Is One of the Most Wonderful Seafood Cuisines

Have you known that sushi is the abbreviation of "SUrreal SEAfood"? I'm sorry, just joking. But it's true that sushi is one of the most wonderful seafood cuisines from Japan. I have some tips about Sushi.

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Unbelievable Art Works Exhibited On The Rice Fields In Japan

Can you believe that the picture isn't something painted. It's just a rice field in Japan. Let's check how it's made and more works.

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11 Japanese Foods That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Mouth Water

It looks really delicious!! We pick up only yummy Japanese food!! Check out them! Have you ever tried these 11 yummy Japanese food? If not, you have to try as soon as possible! >>>

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4 Beautiful Aquariums You Actually Have To Go In Japan

Today we are super excited to introduce about Aquarium in Japan! Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea. If you like aquarium, you should check them! >>>

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4 Amazing Natural World Heritages In Japan

Today, we introduce 4 amazing places in Japan that are listed as Natural World Heritage. Check out the wonderful places!

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