Updated: November 24, 2015
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3 Best Beautiful Hydrangea Viewing Spots Around Tokyo

In the rainy season, June in Japan, you can see lots of beautiful hydrangeas blooming everywhere. In June, it’s usually raining almost everyday, but the flowers are just beautiful enough to cheer up our dull mind. There’s even Hydrangea Viewing Festival in Japan, and here’s some examples.

#1 Kamakura

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Meigetsuin Temple 明月院 in Kamakura is famously known as “Hydrangea Temple” since there are a lot of hydrangeas blooming in the garden.
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Other temples like Tokeiji Temple 東慶寺 and Hasedera temple 長谷寺. During the season, a lot of visitors enjoy the scenery with the colors of white, blue, and purple of the flowers.

#2 Hakone

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When it comes to the rainy season sightseeing spot in Hakone, it’s definitely Hakone Tozan Cable car.
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Once you ride on the train from Hakone Yumoto Station, you can enjoy the different colors of hydrangeas lining up along the railway.

#3 Tokyo

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There are various places to enjoy hydrangea festivals in Tokyo like Toshimaen the amusement park, Hakusan Jinja Shrine 白山神社,
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and Takahatafudo Temple 高幡不動. Especially in Takahatafudo temple, hydrangeas are all planted on the hill. You may go up for a little hike to enjoy the flower viewing.
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