Updated: December 27, 2016
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Can Use Them Right? Chopstick Etiquette

It is always difficult to learn local manners - can you use chopsticks correctly?

How to Use Chopsticks Right

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1. Pick up the first chopstick and place it between your middle finger and the base of your thumb.

2. Grip the second chopstick with your index finger and thumb.

3. Open and close the chopsticks.

4. Make it sure that the broad ends of the chopsticks do not make an “X”.

Don't make them stand up

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Don't stick chopsticks upright upright in your rice. This it is done only at funerals with rice that is put onto the altar.

Don't pass foods with your chopsticks

When you want to pass food to your friend, don't use chopsticks to pass it! There is also a funeral tradition that involves passing the bones of the cremated body with chopsticks.
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There are the other chopsticks manners, such as:

1. Don't point people or something with your chopsticks.

2. Don't move plates or bowls around with your chopsticks.

3. Don’t cross your chopsticks to other chopsticks.

If you want to know more, this video shows a little bit more about it.

With respect to its culture, use them right and enjoy Japanese meals!
Japanese food!!!!

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