Updated: February 13, 2018
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Valentine's Day Will Be Chocolate Heaven In Japan

Have you ever been to Japan on Valentine's Day? If you've come, you could see chocolate sold at many shops. Not only chocolate shops, but also in department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, many chocolates are on sale!

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In Japan, Valentine's Day has a habit of giving chocolate to people who like.
It is said that the campaign started by the chocolate maker triggered this.
Some also make handmade chocolate or chocolate cake.
I also made it when I was in elementary school and gave it to a boy who likes classmates. I have been broken hearted...
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And now, there is a custom of "Giri choco". Giri choco means obligatory chocolate or courtesy chocolate.
Many women are in the habit of sending chocolates to friends, colleagues or bosses at work. That is a gift people send along to those who have helped them either personally or professionally.
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This year GODIVA caused a stir in that habit. They issued an advertisement saying "Let's stop Giri choco."
There are both arguments for and against on that subject. However I was a little relieved when I saw this advertisement. Besides, I think there are people who want to do so.

Well anyway, the season has plenty of chocolate types. I love chocolate, I bought a lot for my own use.
Those who like chocolate are recommended when you come to Japan this time and enjoy various flavors.

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