Updated: January 07, 2018
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3 Must-Go, Glitzy Illumination Festivals In Japan

Japan is a beautiful country, so even her dazzling illumination festivals take your breath away and spice up the atmosphere with festive vibes. Here are 3 such festivals that are not to be missed!

1) Kobe Luminarie In Hyogo Prefecture

Kobe luminarie 2017 %2825372161498%29 https://goo.gl/CQwvdU
Kobe Luminarie started out as a memorial service to honor the victims of the Kobe earthquake in 1995, but has since evolved into a crowd-pleaser. Every December, thousands of people throng the grounds of the Higashi Yuenchi Park, waiting patiently to view the colorful installations. One thing noteworthy about these installations: they are specially designed and flown in from Italy!

2) Mizu Akari Festival In Kumamoto Prefecture

Retina yayoi
Mizu Akari ('Reflection of Light Upon Water') is a great chance to soak in a carnival-esque atmosphere and understand more about the traditional crafts of Kumamoto. Held for two days in October, Mizu Akari features some 5,000 floating lanterns that exude an otherworldly beauty on the moat around Kumamoto Castle. Made up of paper and bamboo, these lanterns showcase the dedication and ingenuity of Kumamoto natives as each and every one of them is meticulously carved by hand.

3) Nabana no Sato Illumination In Mie Prefecture

Winter illumination at nabana no sato https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Winter_Illumination_at_Nabana-no-Sato.jpg
Nabana no Sato, located in the garden of Nagashima Resort, is famed for its 100-meter illuminated tunnel. Containing thousands of sakura-shaped LED light bulbs, this romantic tunnel makes for a fantastic shared experience for couples and families alike. Also spend some time at the huge field that depicts spectacular scenes of nature via LED light bulbs. Past highlights include the Swiss Alps and Mount Fuji.

What's more, this illumination festival will last all the way from October to May, so be prepared for a new look as Nagashima Resort ushers in spring!
Japan offers a wide array of light illumination festivals that appeal to your aesthetic senses, so why not make it a point to visit one such festival during your trip?

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