Updated: July 16, 2017
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Japanese Hand-Made Makie Art Paperweight Gives You Good Luck

The Makie art paperweight is crafted from a nature stone. The Makie is realized by hand by a master artisan of Japan. This will definitely gives you good luck to your life.

Makie Art - Hand Painted Natural Stone Paperweight

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This Nature stone paperweight, which is a genuine Aizu lacquerware made by Makie master Nobuichi Otake's hand work, made by "Yura Yura kobo".
He takes advantage of the natural stone's shape and draws a different makie art one by one.
I hope that you will feel a Urushi's beauty in his work.

Nobuichi Otake

Nobuichi Otake uses the luxury of color lacquer and the luxury of makie, making works that match the current era.
His arts is something humorous. Through his paintings and patterns, he continues to make such a work that makes a purchaser have pleasure and has fun using it.
Despite being a heavy traditional crafting work backed by solid technical power, his unique style of painting soften the hearts of people who use lacquerware.

Want to buy the Makie Art Paperweight?

Stone ume f work 1024x1024 cdn.shopify.com
Stone neko f 1024x1024 cdn.shopify.com
Stone karajishi f 1024x1024 https://japanese-goods.jp/collections/yurayurado-a-makie-master-nobuichi-otake
All of these items are auspicious patterns in Japan.
If you are interested in the Makie art paperweight. You can make a purchase from the link below. Why do not you bring luck to your life with this Makie art paperweight?

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