Updated: July 09, 2017
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Speaking Of Summer Noodles In Japan, Somen And Hiyamugi! What's The Difference?

There are noodles that consumption increases in summer in Japan. Those are Hiyamugi and Somen. But look exactly like it, do you know the difference?

What is different between Hiyamugi and Somen?
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Even Japanese people often eat without knowing the difference. Udon, Kishimen, Hiyamugi, Somen, basically the same wheat flour.
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The order of thickness is Kishimen> Udon> Hiyamugi> Soumen.
Yes, the difference in name is thickness.
(Italian pasta may be similar in nickname to the thickness.)

However, tracing back to history, originally Somen and Hiyamugi seem to have different manufacturing methods. Somen used to make a flour-milled stuff like a string and made it into fine noodles by stretching it thinly by hand. (There are now old-fashioned hand-made manufacturing methods and machinery made)
And Hiyamugi kneaded flour, salt and water mixed, thinly extended it, cut it.
It became to make with a noodle machine, the difference between them became ambiguous, now it is different in the way of calling by the thickness of noodles.
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Both are delicious and easy to cook!
Boil plenty of hot water and boil it. (Boiling time is written on most wrapping paper)

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