Updated: June 27, 2017
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Three Temples In Kyoto, Famous For Hydrangeas

There is a rainy season in Japan. Rain continues, it is a bad weather. However, there are beautiful flowers in the rain. Japanese enjoy hydrangea blooming in the rain.

Mimurotoji Temple

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"Mimurotoji" known as a hydrangea temple in Kyoto.
You can enjoy the splendid view that 1 million shares of hydrangea bloom during cedar trees.
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50 kinds, various hydrangeas of 10,000 shares bloom in bloom. You can see "Shichidanka" which is said to be a visionary hydrangea in the garden.

Yoshiminedera Temple in Kyoto.

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Approximately 10,000 shares of hydrangea gorgeously color the entire slope.
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From the hilltop with a nice view, you can overlook the city center of Kyoto over the hydrangea and enjoy a wonderful view.

Gansenji Temple

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Gansenji is located at the southern end of Kyoto, at the prefectural border of Nara. It is famous as a flower temple, the beauty of the hydrangea season is exceptional.
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The tower (Muromachi era) is said to be a masterpiece of the late medieval period, and it is designated as an important cultural asset.

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