Updated: June 20, 2017
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3 Kinds Of Japanese Guys That Are Trending

I'm sure you have heard of soshoku danshi (herbivore men), but do you know that 3 other kinds of Japanese guys have emerged and are winning the hearts of appreciative ladies? Read on to find out more!

1. Shiogao Danshi (Salt-faced Male)

Retina lunch with lao pa
Shiogao (a word made up of 2 Japanese words that mean salt and face) danshi refers to Japanese guys who boast these distinctive features: an attractive face line, fair white skin, and soulful narrow eyes. As salt-faced males tend to be slim, they look awesome in both cardigans and suits, thus making them sleek dressers.

Kentaro Sakaguchi, an up-and-coming actor, gained popularity in Japan because he was regarded as an icon for salt-faced males. Indeed, salt-faced males are great eye candy!

2. Third-Wave Guys

Retina lunch with lao pa
As third-wave coffee took Japan by storm in 2015, it brought along with it an emergence of charismatic third-wave guys. Just like third-wave coffee which pays heed to environmental protection, third-wave guys are similarly concerned about the environment as they have little interest in cars, preferring bicycles instead.

Plus, they are usually confident men who go for casual comfortable wear rather than follow the latest fashion trends blindly. With such environmentally conscious and fashionable men, what more can you ask for?

3. Ikedan

Retina lunch with lao pa
Many of you would be familiar with the term "ikemen", which incidentally means a good-looking man in Japanese, but what about "ikedan"? Well, ikedan is a word coined to acknowledge the growing numbers of Japanese men who increasingly involve themselves in completing household chores and rearing children. Known to be as adept in the office as they are at home, these men are the Superheroes in real life!
Aren't you fascinated by how new societal trends lead to new kinds of men, each with their own charming characteristics? Hopefully this guide has given you pointers on how to identify these men and engage with them on a personal level!

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