Updated: May 07, 2017
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Sacred Ninja Practice Place: Akame Shijyu Hachitaki

A Ninja with an incredibly strong and cool image. What kind of place did they practice training? This time we will introduce the place which is said to be the training ground for ninja.

Ninja Training Village: Akame Shijyu Hachi Waterfall

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It is a sacred place of mountain faith since ancient times. In the Nara period, it became a training ground for "En no Ozunu" who founder of the Shugendo.
Shugendo is aimed at obtaining enlightenment by carrying out rigorous practice in the mountains. It is a unique religion in Japan where traditional Japanese mountain beliefs were incorporated into Buddhism.

And it is said that it was a training ground for Iga Ninja.

Clean Ground With Beautiful Nature And Water

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Akame Shujyu Hachi Falls is a collective term for waterfalls in the valley where clear streams and deep forests engage. There is a promenade about 4 Km connecting the waterfall and the waterfall, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, fresh green, autumn leaves and beautiful landscape and a cool waterfall every season.
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And it is selected as "100 famous water selection of Heisei", "100 waterfalls in Japan", "100 forests of forest bathing" and "100 promenade".

Experience Ninja Training!

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Experience the Iga Style Akame Ninjutsu. You can experience Iga Ninja training.


Finally, you can get "The mysteries of Iga Akame-ryu".
There, we are also renting only ninja costumes for those who do not want to practice but want to wear costumes.

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