Updated: July 05, 2017
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3 Sophisticated Traditional Handcrafts Grown Up In Aizu, Fukushima

As you know, a tremendous earthquake hit Fukushima in 2011. Although there is still some damage in a part of Fukushima, most areas have already recovered. And Aizu area still keeps its traditional crafts.

#1 Aizu Lacquerware / 会津漆器

Image aizuurushi http://www.tohoku.meti.go.jp/s_cyusyo/densan-ver3/html/item/fukusima_01.htm
In Japan, there are many places which produce lacquerware, but Aizu is one of the best places.

Aizu lacquerware has a 500-year history, and is distinguished by its colorful decoration using a special technique.

The video tells you more about Aizu lacquerware.
Img 1026 work large https://japanese-goods.jp/collections/yurayurado-a-makie-master-nobuichi-otake
This Nature stone paperweight, which is a genuine Aizu lacquerware made by Makie master Nobuichi Otake's hand work, made by "Yura Yura kobo".
He takes advantage of the natural stone's shape and draws a different makie art one by one.
Through the material of Urushi(lacquer), he expresses the pleasure and feeling to draw.

#2 Karamushi Textile / からむし織

Karamushi 4 http://localnippon.muji.com/news/1572/
Karamushi-ori is made with plant fiber of the stinging nettle family called Choma and is said to be one of the oldest woven textiles in Japan.

Everything in the process from growing Karamushi plants to yarn-making and weaving is done by hand.
9233 main http://nakata.net/rnp/area/9233/
There is a village in Aizu called Showa-mura, which has grown karamushi for a long time.
But karamushi textile is declining these days because more and more people like to buy cheap products. Also, most craftsmen retired and younger people are not interested to be involved with it.

However, there are still some people who keep producing karamushi textile and its fans.

#3 Aizu Cotton / 会津木綿

Aizu cotton originated in the 17th century. The characteristic of Aizu cotton is its stripe pattern. Although it used to be very popular until 20th, there is only two Aizu cotton producing companies.
A 23010 1 03 http://www.geocities.jp/hwfhb259/hujisyouten.html
Aizu Cotton can last longer than usual cotton cloths. And the design of Aizu Cotton has been becoming modern and various. So it's popular among the customers of wide generation. Plus, the price is very reasonable.

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