Updated: January 07, 2017
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TSUNAGU: New Product Line Of Luxury Pocketbook Type iPhone Cases

Phonet, a company which operates businesses in various fields as it is operating cell phone sales offices in Kofu City, Yamanashi, has started to sell “TSUNAGU”, a special product line of luxury pocketbook type iPhone cases.


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TSUNAGU” means ‘to connect’ in Japanese, and in this project, Phonet collaborated with three companies, leading the traditional craftwork industries in Yamanashi - Inden-Yamamoto, a traditional ‘Inden’ deerskin leather craft manufacturer and seller, Akiyama Co., Ltd., a jewelry manufacturing and a wholesaler, and Makita Shoten, a traditional Gunnai textile manufacturing and a wholesaler.

The “TSUNAGU” series of iPhone cases feature high-quality materials and designs, which are concentrating the sophisticated processing techniques developed in Yamanashi. It is Phonet’s second collaborative project with local companies. In October 2013, they co-developed and launched ‘KOKU’, another product line of iPhone cases decollated with pieces of jewelry applied processing techniques developed in Yamanashi.

Product Concept of “TSUNAGU”

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In Yamanashi, there are many local traditional craftwork industries that have been passed down through generations. This time, Phonet connected those ‘inherited’ traditional craftworks such as ‘Koshu Inden’, ‘jewelry’ and ‘Gunnai textile’ together to create a special product line. Additionally, the concept of this project is introducing local products from Yamanashi to overseas and connecting ‘Yamanashi’ and ‘Overseas’. This is why they named the products “TSUNAGU”.

The supporting companies of TSUNAGU

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As mentioned above, Phonet jointly developed “TSUNAGU” products with three local companies and a graphic designer in Yamanashi.

Inden-Yamamoto, an ‘Inden’ deerskin leather craft manufacturer and a seller:
‘Koshu Inden’ is a soft-textured, traditional deerskin leather product patterned with ‘Urushi’ (lacquer ‘Japan’). At Inden-Yamamoto, under the supervision by the only certified traditional craftsman of ‘Koshu Inden’ in Japan, it is manufacturing and selling the products. Also, for “TSUNAGU” products, it used its traditional techniques and employed new patterns and shapes, so that users can enjoy the combination of digital devices and traditional craftworks.

Akiyama Co., Ltd., a Jewelry manufacturing and a wholesaler:
Yamanashi is famous for jewelry production, utilizing abrasive machining technologies developed in this area. Akiyama Co., Ltd. has manufactured jewelry and metal ornaments to decollate “TSUNAGU” iPhone cases. They put a lot of thoughts into the form and finishing touches to use jewelry and metal ornaments for decoration without damaging good points and tastes of ‘Inden’. Users will be able to appreciate the cut of large-sized stones and the effect given by metal ornaments.

Makita Shoten, a Gunnai textile manufacturing, and a wholesaler:
Textile in Yamanashi has roots in ‘Kaiki’ (Kai silk) that has been a local special product in this area since Edo period. Makita Shoten also originally was weaving ‘Kaiki’. Now it is equipped with large-scale weaving machines and manufacturing umbrellas and textiles. This time, it produced satin fabrics with the “TSUNAGU” logo and applied the same treatments done for umbrellas to improve its repellency and waterproof performances.

Shinya Wakaoka, a Graphic designer living in Yamanashi:
When designed iPhone cases for “TSUNAGU” series, he put efforts in making use of each material’s qualities and characteristics based on the concept, ‘Connect various images of Yamanashi by technologies of local industries there.

More information

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Available at:
All Phonet stores
Phonet’s website (Phonet mall) at http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/phonetmall/
Fujisan World Heritage Center

Inquiries from the media/ To become a sales agent:
Please contact Hirotaka Ashizawa at Phonet by the phone at +81-55-223-6622.

Inquiries regarding the products:
Please contact Daisuke Takahashi at Phonet by the phone at +81-55-237-1622.

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