Updated: July 10, 2017
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5 Fun Facts About Shaved Ice

Kakigori is sure to be a perfect complement of ice cream. It is indispensable in the summer of Japan!

5 Fun Facts About Shaved Ice

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Kakigori (shaved ice) is Japan's must-try during the notoriously hot summer period. Keen to know how it came about? Want to know more about the different types of kakigori? Read this guide to find out!
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1) Kakigori was invented a thousand years ago during the Heian period. It was only exclusively available to the Heian nobles because ice was a rare commodity then.
During the Heian period, we kept the ice made during the winter in an ice storage called "Himuro". The official of the Imperial court had the role of preserving ice.
It is said that the location of the place name including "Himuro: 氷室" is a place derived from the ice room.

2) The first ever kakigori shop was opened in Kanagawa in 1869 after food entrepreneur Kahe Nakagawa succeeded in delivering 'Hakodate Ice' from Hokkaido to Yokohama! Before that, ice had to be imported from America.

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3) Among 100g of each serving of kakigori, plain soft serve ice cream and low-fat frozen yoghurt, kakigori has the least calories! This makes it the least sinful indulgence!
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4) Want to try a local delicacy? You can do so in Kagoshima, where its residents wear by its shirokuma (shaved ice flavored with condensed milk, fruit and azuki beans). Simply delicious!
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5) Dessert lovers can now buy a shaved ice-maker at Tokyu Hands etc. Then spin a block of ice over the ice-shaving blade and voila! You just made your own kakigori.
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Enjoy the summer in Japan!
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