Updated: November 19, 2017
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In Winter, Japanese And Cats Can't Give Up On "Kotatsu"

It's so coldddd in Japanese winter. Let's get in the kotatsu!


Kotatsu is one of the most important things during winter in Japan. It is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon (heavy blanket in Japanese). It helps to keep your legs warm there during the winter season in Japan.
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The origin of kotatsu is from Muromachi era when people were trying to find easier ways of cooking food and heating the houses during winter. So, let’s know more about kotatsu types. Here are 2 of them!
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1.Charcoal kotatsu: a traditional type of kotatsu. It has a pit for the charcoal to be placed in the bottom.
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2.Electric kotatsu: a modern type of kotatsu, when electricity was used as a heating source.
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I watch TV while eating oranges in kotatsu in winter. It is a way to spend time in winter in Japan.
Japanese food!!!!

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