Updated: March 09, 2017
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5 Ways To Enjoy Autumn In Japan

Do you want to fully enjoy autumn in Japan? Here are 5 ways Japanese do in this season.

1. The season for reading

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The weather is mildly cool and suitable for going outside. Reading a newspaper or a book alone on a bench is also very enjoyable. Autumn is said that the season for reading in Japan.

2. Eat baked sweet potatoes (Yakiimo)

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One of my favorite symbols about Japanese autumn is baked sweet potato's smell. When the autumn arrives, it is on sale in most of Japanese supermarkets.

3. Go to the countryside to pick up fruits

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The autumn is also a harvesting season in Japan. It's a great idea to take a trip or book a tour back to the countryside and pick up your favorite fruits such as apples, persimmons, grapes, etc.

4. Grill sanma fish

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Sanma is a type of long fish with a lot of soft bones. Grilled sanma is the most typical dish in the autumn. Its strong scent of the ocean will make the autumn atmosphere more passionate.

5. Go to see red leaves

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Enjoying views of red leaves throughout Japan is an unskippable activity in the autumn. The most famous place for autumn sightseeing is Kyoto, the city of the romance and gentleness.
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