Updated: July 06, 2017
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Is Japanese Confectionery (Wagashi) Healthy?

Needless to say, everyone loves the western style confectionery. Many Japanese (especially young people) do not eat Japanese confectionery compared to the past. But since Wagashi are healthier than the western style confectionery, when you want to eat sweet things while on a diet, it is told Wagashi are better!

Western style confectionery is popular in Japan

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Needless to say, everyone loves the western style confectionery. Many Japanese (especially young people) also like that.

But they calories are high

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The western style sweets are indeed delicious, yet you may wonder what kind of health benefits it can bring to our body. Most of the western style confectionary contains higher calories.

Wagashi is much healthier

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Sometimes it may be too sweet for your taste buds. If you are on a diet, Japanese confectionary, wagashi, is healthier.

Fibres, vitamin, minerals

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Japan Wagashi Association instructs us how wagashi can affect our body. According to the association, wagashi contains higher fibres, vitamins, and minerals. Especially, red beans or azuki contain antioxidants, so it may prevent diabetes, cancers, heart disease, etc.

Less sugar and fat, beautiful

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Besides, wagashi contains less sugar and fat, so it’s good for your weight control. Most of wagashi appears beautiful and tastes simple, so it can be great for your mind as well!

Moreover, recently, Wagashi of a new style is increasing, and popularity is spreading also for young people.
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When traveling to Japan, please try eating traditional Wagashi in Japan!
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