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Comparison Of Work Situations Among 5 Asian Countries [PR] [PR]

Let's take a look at work situations of five asian countries. Here we picked up Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Japan. Where do you want to work from these choices?

1. Thailand

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Population: 67,010,000

Number of Companies: 225,901

Gross Domestic Product: US$387,300,000,000

Average monthly Salary: US$391

Average Working Hours: 8.5h/day

Major Industry: automotives, electronic equipments

Thailand follows Indonesia as the 2nd largest economy in south-east Asia, with a GDP of more than US$ 350 billion.
It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world (2.5% in 2009). However, the competition for graduate jobs is very high as there are large numbers of experienced professionals as well as an increasing number of Thai graduates with good English language skills.

2. Malaysia

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Population: 29,330,000人

Number of Companies: 1,113,465

Gross Domestic Product: US$312,400,000,000

Average Monthly Salary: US$651

Average Working Hours: 7.5h/day

Major Industry: Electronic equipments, oil

Malaysia is on its way to become an industrial country. It has already a blooming economy and a stable job market. However, this does not necessarily improve the job perspectives for expatriates.

3. Vietnam

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Population: 91,700,000

Number of Companies: 623,000

Gross Domestic Product: US$ 170,600,000,000

Average Monthly Salary: US$197

Average Working Hours: 8h/day

Major Industry: Electronic equipments, footwears

Since the beginning of this century, Vietnam has managed to reduce poverty and more than doubled the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capital.
Still, it is one of the poorer countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
Because of a low unemployment rate, which has constantly been under 3% in the last 10 years, cheap labour and a high number of young workers, Vietnam sparks an interest with international companies.

4. China

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Population: 1,357,000,000

Number of Companies: 75,113,000

Gross Domestic Product: US$9,240,000,000,000

Average Monthly Salary: US$613

Average Working Hours: 7.5/day

Major Industry: electronic equipments, automotives

There is a growing demand for expatriate workers with skills in sales, engineering and management amongst others in China.
Most of these jobs are offered by foreign-invested enterprises (as international firms are called), but there is also a growing number of Chinese companies hiring expatriates, even among the State-owned companies.

5. Japan

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Population: 120,000,000

Number of Companies: 4,210,000

Gross Domestic Product: US$4,920,000,000,000

Average Salary: US$3320

Average Working Hours: 9h/day

Major Industry: Vehicles, automotives

From the end of the Second World War until very recently there was great stigma attached to changing jobs in Japan. However, the situation has changed, and the working style has been diversing as time went on.

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