Updated: June 19, 2017
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Have You Drunk Tap Water In Japan?

Around the world it's not advised to drink tap water directly in many countries. So if you come to Japan, you may be surprised that many Japanese people drink normal tap water a lot. Of course, some Japanese people would rather buy drinking water from stores than drinking tap water.

Why we can drink tap water directly in Japan?

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In Japan, tap water has been drinkable since 1887.
I will explain the reason why we can keep it drinkable in this topic.


The key point to being able to drink tap water is our technology in water purification.
Raw water (from rivers) can be turned into tap water(which is now drinkable) at purification plants,where water quality inspection is also done.
The plants have high-tech machinery and facilities such as advanced water treatment machines, water quality management rooms and so on.

Natural resources

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As you may know, Japan is an island country, therefore we have a lot of natural resources. Because of these rich resources, Japan can spend money on keeping up water quality through technological means rather than buying water from other countries.

Not only does the technology help maintain the water quality, but also the natural resources themselves such as the forests, soil and so on.

What are the differences between Japanese water and the others?

As explained above, we can drink Japanese tap water for various reasons.
Next, I will show you what are some different points between Japanese water and others.

Explained already, Japanese tap water is very safe because of the water purification technology.
Therefore we can drink it without worrying about germs, viruses or disease.

The single word "water" can cover a lot of different meanings.
It's roughly divided between two categories of water, being categorized by the amount of calcium(Ca) & magnesium(Mg) in 1000ml.
When including over 120mg/1000ml it's called Hard-water and while under, is called soft-water. Japanese water is categorized as soft-water.
Generally speaking, people feel that soft water is a little easier to drink than hard one.
Therefore Japanese water is easier to be liked by many people.(Few people dislike Japanese water.)
In addition, soft-water is easier to use in cooking, and will not affect the taste of dishes.

Usually around the world, drinking water can be expensive.
But in Japan, we can drink water at a lower price because we can drink directly from tap.
We can get tap water for about 0.3 yen per 1000ml. In other words, drinking water sold in stores is sold at a price about 300 times that of tap water, even though we can drink both.
Making tap water more economical!
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What do you think about Japanese tap water?
Do you want to drink it ?
If so, let's visit Japan and experience Japanese tap water!!
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