Updated: January 15, 2016
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4 Things You Must Avoid With Your Japanese Wife/Girlfriend

If you are married to a Japanese lady or you have decided to take relationship with a girlfriend to the next level and are cohabiting together, there is something you should know. Either way, it would be wise to avoid these 4 taboos so that she doesn’t get angry with you!

1. Don’t invite friends home without her permission

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You may be the head of the household but she is the chief of your home. A typical Japanese woman see it as her duty to keep the house spick and span, especially so if she is a full-time homemaker. So if you invite friends home spontaneously, she would be embarrassed to reveal her home in a less than pristine clean state and even fear that your friends may judge her for not up keeping her house well.

2. Don’t let your friends eat from your rice bowls

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Rice is indispensable to the diet of the Japanese, so your Japanese wife/girlfriend probably regards the rice bowls used by the both of you as sacred and precious. Some women may even liken this act to letting people wear their undergarments, so do yourself a flavor and serve your guests other bowls.

3. Don’t leave the washroom wet

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Japanese people are a stickler for cleanliness, and it makes them rather uncomfortable if you use the washroom and leave the floor/basin/toilet seat bicho bicho (soaking wet). So just be sure to always wipe your hands after use.

4. Don’t mess around with her kitchen

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There is a phrase that relates the kitchen as an “onna no shiro” (woman’s castle). Your wife/girlfriend will likely painstakingly arrange all the cooking equipment and tools in designated places so as to facilitate her movements when she is cooking. Don’t make the mistake of using the kitchen and then putting back things in their “wrong” places!
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