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5 Things To Do In Shizuoka, Japan

When Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay—Japan’s highest mountain and deepest bay—are both located in Shizuoka Prefecture, you can be assured of an extraordinary adventure.So let your adventure unfold with these 5 must-do things!

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Healthy Japanese Habits You May Want To Try

Why can Japanese people enjoy the longest life span average in the world?

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5 Benefits Of Green Tea

Japanese people really love to drink green tea. Maybe everyday they drink green tea in the morning. It is also known that Japanese people’s long life secret is because of this nutritious green tea.

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Japanese Food In Japan VS. Japanese Food In The U.S.

Is it really authentic Japanese food that you are eating? I spent last year studying abroad in California and there was one thing that surprised me. There was so much Americanized Japanese food in America!

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Find Your Wabi-Sabi In Japan

Wabi sabi is integral to the Japanese way of life and refers to the transcience of beauty, which is particularly apt for a country blessed with four lively seasons.

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Not Just Only Green Tea? Teas in Japan!

Green tea has been gaining its popularity all over the world for its healthy benefits. Green tea has different kinds and sorted out depending on the harvest time and the grade.

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5 Beauty Benefits Matcha Gives You

Japanese green tea, called "matcha", is very popular among tourists in Japan. However, did you know that matcha has a lot of healthy effects? It contains many substances that are beneficial to your body and your beauty.

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3 Practices Of Buddhism You Can Try In Japan

Buddhism provides many types of practices for the Buddhist, so that they can find spiritual enlightenment. The practices are called "Syugyou"(修行), and I will introduce 3 primary practices that you can experience in Japan!

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3 Representative Drinks Of Japan

When you must quench thirst, you will whatever does the trick. However, when the motivation is not out of thirsty but enjoying your pastime, it can be difficult to choose a great drink. Let's take a look at the suggestions from Japanese people.

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