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Dewa Sanzan : The Heart Of The Japanese Mind

Dewa Sanzan, refers to Hagurosan, Gassan, Yudonosan. It is a major mountain that divides "Dewanoku…

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Kanten: Essential Ingredients In The Summer Of Japan

Kanten (Japan agar) is a food invented in Japan. Boil the seaweed and freeze it, then dry it to mak…

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Do You Know The Origin Of The Edo Komon Pattern?

Komon is derived from the name that fine patterns are contained in the whole. Edo komon, one of the…

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5 Things To Do In Ryogoku - Tokyo Master

Ryogoku is a famous area for Sumo. But that's not all. It is famous as the stage where the Ako inci…

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Ramen Jiro(ラーメン二郎) : Place You Must Go If You Are A Ramen Lover

"Ramen Jiro" is a popular chain ramen stand you can find in suburbs around Tokyo. The reason why it…

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5 Things To Do In Fukui

Being able to be easy accessed from Tokyo by Hokuriku Shinkansen, Fukui is becoming one of the most…

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5 Things To Do In Gifu

In Gifu prefecture, there are lots of places to visit and appreciate the traditional Japanese cultu…

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Tips To Make Good Sushi At Home

Sushi making has always been an art that has fascinated people from all over the world. Even though…

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5 Things To Do In Mie

There is one of the most important shrine called "Ise Shrine 伊勢神宮" in Mie. Also Mie is a hometown o…

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5 Things To Do In Ibaraki

Ibaraki is one of Kanto regions which is close to and easily accessible from Tokyo. Here are 5 thin…

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