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Vespa Mandarinia: The Most Dangerous Animal In Japan

What's the most dangerous animal in Japan? Wolves? No. Bears? No. Sharks? No. They are much "smalle…

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The Another Way To Eat Tofu, Agedashi Dofu

There is something that is truly universal about tofu with its neutral taste tofu may be made an in…

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Tokto Aqua-Bay Artificial Island, Umihotaru

Umihotaru is an amazing place for tourists. Umihotaru is an artificial island accessible from the T…

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Japanese Delicate Sugar, Wasanbon

Japanese traditional confectionary called, “wagashi”, has been gaining its popularity international…

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Important Things To Do For Your First Trip In Tokyo

Prepare well for your trip to Tokyo!

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Japanese Kitchen Town, Kappabashi

Kappabashi 合羽橋 is a famous place in Tokyo selling various kitchen utensils and equipment.

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Japanese Family Crest -Kamon-

Do you have a family crest? There are various motifs in Japan. It played an important role in civil…

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Japanese Book Town : Jinbou-cho

Do you know of the Japanese book town? It's name is Jinbou-cho. There are a lot of schools, unive…

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3 Best Beautiful Hydrangea Viewing Spots Around Tokyo

In the rainy season, June in Japan, you can see lots of beautiful hydrangeas blooming everywhere. I…

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What you need to know about Fish Eggs (Roe) in Japanese cuisine

When you are looking to learn more Japanese cuisine, it is crucial that you learn all about the sta…

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